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Introducing Oh' Lala Women's Hair Serum, your essential partner in the quest for lush, vibrant locks. Unveiling a breakthrough formula meticulously crafted to prevent hair loss and promote regrowth, this serum is your ticket to a mane of healthy, luscious strands.


Key Benefits:

  • Hair Loss Prevention: Bid farewell to worries about hair loss. Oh' Lala Women's Hair Serum is expertly formulated to strengthen hair follicles, reducing hair fall and enhancing hair resilience against external stressors.

  • Stimulate Regrowth: Experience the joy of regrowth as dormant follicles spring back to life. Our serum's potent blend of natural ingredients activates inactive hair follicles, promoting the growth of new, healthy strands.

  • Nourish and Revitalize: Indulge your scalp in a nourishing blend that revitalizes and replenishes. Essential nutrients penetrate deeply, enriching the scalp and encouraging optimal hair health from the roots.

  • Thicker, Healthier Hair: Reclaim the thickness and volume your hair deserves. Oh' Lala Women's Hair Serum encourages the growth of thicker, fuller strands, enhancing your hair's natural vitality and shine.

  • Natural Brilliance: Embrace the power of nature with our carefully curated ingredients. Free from harmful chemicals, the serum harnesses the goodness of nature to enhance your hair's natural beauty.

  • Easy Application: Pamper your hair effortlessly. The serum's lightweight, non-greasy texture ensures easy application and quick absorption, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Elevate your hair care routine with Oh' Lala Women's Hair Serum – where nature meets innovation. Transform your locks, boost your confidence, and embrace a future of stunning, healthy hair. Experience the Oh' Lala difference today.



Apply 1 ml one to two times daily onto scalp.

Oh' Lala - Woman Hair Serum

SKU: 0001
  • Active Ingredients

    Minoxidil 7%

    Tretinoin 0.25%

    Fluocinolone 0.025%

    Biotin 0.8%


    Vitamin E

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